Teacher Learning Journeys was created as a partnership between Penn State, NASA, and NSTA. The funding for this partnership has ended, but since so many STEM teachers find it valuable we are leaving the site running. All of the resources will remain available for the foreseeable future and you can continue to log into the site. However, please be patient when you submit work for review for stamps and badges as reviews are now done by volunteers.

If you have question about Teacher Learning Journeys contact Chris Gamrat (gamrat@psu.edu) or Kyle Peck (kpeck@psu.edu). Penn State University will continue to use this data for several research purposes.

The NASA/NSTA "Teacher Learning Journeys Project" is a new approach to individualized professional development designed to help teachers meet personal learning goals and increase student learning and motivation. We use a travel metaphor to help teachers find, select, reflect on, implement, and get recognition for learning activities.

After completing each activity, you can receive recognition through digital stamps and badges which store information about your accomplishments. Through Teacher Learning Journeys you can create a STEM PD portfolio that you can share with administrators and peers.

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